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An Brief Introduction

Amber Griggs was previously an internationally published, agency represented model with Marilyn's Model and Talent Management. While Amber’s past as a print and commercial model is her most recognizable, she now specializes in consultation, creative direction and events management. Based on the East Coast for many years, she now calls Colorado home. With an ample travel book, she has grown her network most recently in the Music Industry on the bar & events management front. She utilizes a number of overlapping talents and knowledge garnered through years of working in different industries to provide a truly unique approach to any business, idea or project.

About the Events & Promotions Manager

A more recent addition to her talent set, Amber's involvement in the music industry comes in at just a few years and with an impressive resume. She takes her expertise in Restaurants and Bars and pairs it with Music & Event Venue Management. Working alongside various companies in a number of fashions, she has been involved with Festivals, Events, and Clients, such as: Lockn' Music Festival, California Roots Music Festival, Go Pro Mountain Games, The University of Virginia and Dave Matthews. She has dealt in areas such as: Bar Design & Execution, Vendor Relations, Production Assisting and Camera Operation, to name a few. During Amber's lengthy modeling career, promotions was a big part of her work. She gathered a great deal of experience in customer service, brand ambassadorship and management, lead generation and different marketing strategies. Her clients included names such as: Harley Davidson & Nissan.

About the Social Media & Marketing Consultant and Director

Throughout the years in large and small scale, Amber has provided consultation and direction on a number of marketing strategies for companies, bars, and events. She has worked on social media campaigns for jewelry designers, consulted on merchandise for restaurants and helped to increase effectiveness of social media platforms by integrating more time-efficient strategies of sharing, producing and accessing media. Pairing her talent with promotions and ambassadorship and taking her knowledge of the restaurant and music world, she has grown a constantly overlapping network of talented individuals and companies to extend and truly shape new ideas.

About the Model, Photographer, & Creative Director

With her extensive experience in both modeling and photography, Amber has grown a large network both at home and abroad. She has served as a creative director, set designer, storyboard builder, and the face and execution of a various brands, ideas, and projects. With these talents, she hopes to help properly shape, promote and further brands and individuals with forward-thinking, sustainable, and creative endeavors. 

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In a day an age where social media rules everything and everyone has to be ready and willing to get up and go, you must know how to market your product, idea or even yourself. Amber has found a way to seamlessly integrate all areas of past expertise into a valuable and ever-changing marketing strategy. From merchandise consultation for restaurants and bands to opening a new restaurant from the ground up to an engaging, streamlined social media viral push, she has the know-how and direction to help you navigate nearly any problem and create a lasting brand... YOU.

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